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Slovakian business establishment

Slovak s.r.o. (Ltd.)

Price: 299 Euro ( with the VAT number of the Slovakia )

  • Komárnói-based 45 Euro/month, in advance for 1 year 40  Euro/month
  • Accounting of Komárnó ( with our hungarian speaker bookkeper ).
  • In our accountant office you could consulting with our slovakian specialist of VAT. 
  • Business modification : Komárno 170 Euro, Budapest 290 Euro, the registration of a piece of new activities price: 10 Euró
  • Slovakian outstanding collection in court of law (We the debt collection area of ​​expertise is specialized in ensuring the debts of complex analysis, was filed prior to the calls for the preparation of communicating person of bankruptcy, creditors, debtors. We take the complex written notice and the debtors in telephone and personal contact recording. More independent bailiff have a good working relationship for years back).
If the company takes the seat of the company's cost of 900 Euro.
Owner of the company be citizens of any country, but only managing EU citizens, or OECD (www.oecd.org), Member States may be nationals.
Our ready made business you are able to undertake. We are guarantee to the hungarian speaker bookkeper, if you are establish your business, respectively hungarian speaker legal person ( lawyer, notary public ) too.

As long as you want to record a car, we are also lend a hand to do this.  Call around of our online site: www.szlovak-auto.hu.
Needful documents of business foundation for European Union citizens: subsequent in 30 days moral report, identity card or passport with adress card.

Benefits of Slovakia:

  • social tax: 19%
  • personal income-tax: 19%
  • value added tax (VAT) : 20% (2011)
  • local business tax: to want
  • capital return tax: to want ( Insomuch as who has got right of abode of the manager )
  • super-tax: to want
  • automotive registration tax: to want
  • the VAT of automobile is also able to pay back 
  • associates borrowing tax: to want

Hungarian citizen is also could be slovakian busniss owner respectively the manager. Inside of the EU any EU’s country could be established business by the EU’s member state.

By hungarian citizens without abridgement, with the given member state you can creat to business ont he EU’S members states area.
You do not have to employ the manager in obligation in the labor relations. It is accepted to employ in a part-time, four hours period too, or the casual contract also (60 hours/month).
  • 6 month rental contract  and the rental charge acquitment.
  • The registered seat address is accord with the address of the office, as follows, in game time we guarantee the full service for the authorities and the business for requesting.
  • Free of charge consulting in connection with the operation of the company.
  • Reception official letter consignments, free of charge relay in email, hungarian translation in writing: 5 Euro/page. Our office assume to additional secretarial works completion of the accounting in our accounting office.

What rewarding for to buy a ready made slovakian business in our mindts?

  1. You do not have to wait a one and half month to establish the business, respectively the Tax certificate card  obligation.
  2. We are guarantee with Tax certificate also that the ready made business does not have any tax obligation. 
  3. Our colleagues many years of experience and perfect knowledge of the  Slovak-Hungarian language.

Why for rewarding to establish in Komárnó a company or buy it?

  • It is a border town, speaks every office hungarian
  • The M1 motorway and quickly accessible
  • Quick administration, and digital-based company formation modification
  • Almost all in one place (the office is 900 m away from the border, the entrepreneurial class, notaries, banks, post offices, and the accounting office)
The field strength of the Hungarian mobile operators easily accessible.

What is the process of company formation and company (ready made) buy?

  1. There is a need to consult our company representative (may be by telephone or e-mail)
  2. Extracted from the delivery of our company (by post, in person or scans), what  official translation is. Identity card and adress card, or passport and adress card delivery to our office
  3. The company's scope of activity of the company name and select
  4. Seat rental contract is concluded
  5. Deed of foundation, Articles of Association, Specimen signature before a notary public signature
  6. Opening a bank account (credit card request, Internet Banking), after the company received the original certificate of incorporation
  7. In the slovakian bookkeper slovak tax number requed signature applications
  8. EU tax claim number ( You do not need to travel out, colleagues tracted)
  9. Personally, we accompany our customers in the notary public, bank and than accountants of our office. 
A 431/2002-es könyvelésről szóló törv. 1.1.2010-től életbe lépett módosítása alapján a korlátolt felelősségü társaságok kötelesek könyvelésüket audítorral leellenőriztetni, amennyiben a következő 3 feltételből legalább 2 feltétel adott:
  • The company's gross assets of more than € 1 million was

  • The clean-turnover exceeds € 2,000,000 t / is traded under the products, goods, services and other activities associated with normal yields mean value of any benefits provided after
  • The company's average number of employees exceeds 30 people.
Udit required for a commercial company, which trades in securities

VAT return deadline for each quarter on the 25th of the month is,

but an international VAT trade of goods report each month until the 20th point.